Q: Why do I get “suspicious activity” popup?
A: Hot Slide can’t be played on jailbroken device for security reason. If your account is locked because you played on a jailbroken device, you can login your iCloud ID to a non-jailbroken device, then ask for unlocking your game account via Support Ticket.

Q: Can I save my account? And how do I transfer my account to another device?
A: You can store your Account in iCloud. In this way it can be accessed from all devices connected to that account. You can check the status of iCloud save by tapping “cloud” icon in top left corner of main screen or by selecting Account in game settings.

Q: How does match-making work?
A: Any two players in same league can be matched in League races. If you are matched with opponent who uses more powerful car, you will get more points if you win and lose less points if not. In Wildcard Time Challenges, direct opponent can be from 1 higher or lower league.

Q: How can I get special plates like Streamer or TikTok?
A: You can create support ticket with links to your content created on streaming sites, with request for the plate you are interested in.

Q: How to report unwanted player name?
A: You can report players name by taping on their plate and holding for 2 seconds.

Q: Why do I keep racing against Offline Joe?
A: Please check your internet connection. You might not be able to race against real players if you are using certain kinds of firewalls, VPNs or on other restricted access networks.

Q: Why isn’t the game always smooth? What can I do about game draining too much battery?
A: When your device is in “Low Power Mode”, game reduces frame-rate and some effects to drain less battery power. You can switch battery “Low Power Mode” On or Off in device’s Settings->Battery->Low Power Mode.

Q: If I get into Silver League, and then drop to Bronze League, which Season Pack will I get?
A: You will always get the Pack based on highest Season League you achieved. Even if you drop out of Season Leagues, you will receive Season Pack.

Q: Why there is no Pause or Retry button?
A: Pause or Retry buttons would introduce complications into network sync systems and would break exciting racing experience.

Q: How do I add friend?
A: There are two ways to add a friend: 1) You can send your car plate in some of the challenges, so other player can add you as friend. Or you can click other’s plate to add them. 2) You can click “Invite Friends” in Challenge page, share your car plate to your friends via any service, so you friends can add you as a friend.

Q: What will I get when Trophy hunt or other game feature rewards an item I already own?
A: You will receive item’s coin or gem value.